Understanding Sugar


Sugar is one of the biggest factors that can contribute to the development of tooth decay.


1. The World Health Organisation recommends adults consume 6 or less teaspoons of sugar per day. While it is hard to completely avoid sugar in your diet, there are some healthy habits for when you have sugary foods or drinks.

2. The bacteria that use sugar for energy produce acids that dissolve our teeth, which can eventually cause a cavity in the tooth. The bacteria that cause tooth decay become worse if they have been growing on your teeth for a while. It is extremely important to brush your teeth twice a day to stop the bacteria becoming out of control.

3. Even foods and drinks that claim to have no added or refined sugars present can contain a lot of sugar. Tooth friendly food and drinks include fresh fruits and vegetables, unsweetened dairy products, water, unsweetened tea and coffee & sugar-free gum.

4. Remember to read the Nutritional Information Panel on the food label to help you make a healthy choice.

5. Drink water or plain milk to rinse out your mouth as soon as possible after having sugar.

Visiting your dentist regularly is extremely important. Tooth decay is preventable especially in its early stages where the decay can be repaired without a filling. Quite often you may be unaware that you have tooth decay, it may only be visible to a dentist or on a dental x-ray. Once a cavity forms it can keep going through the tooth causing pain which will result in an increased amount of treatment needed.