Preventing Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)

In most cases gum disease (also called periodontal disease) can be prevented by maintaining a good oral health regime with regular dental check-ups. 

If however, gum disease develops, it can result in periodontitis, which weakens the supporting structures of the teeth.

It is very concerning just how many Australian adults display some degree of gum disease.

The mechanisms behind periodontal disease are relatively well-understood, and research shows correlations with the development of a number of other conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and respiratory disease.

“While this research adds to our knowledge, it is very clear that regular tooth brushing helps to prevent gum disease by removing the plaque that causes it. It is important to brush your teeth along the gum line twice a day, ideally in the morning and before sleeping. I always recommend using an electric toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles. Floss and swish with mouthwash at least once a day.”

The ADA (Australian Dental Association) also recommends regular (six monthly) visits to the dentist for a professional clean, also known as a scale and clean, designed to remove plaque and tartar unable to be removed with normal everyday brushing at home. This will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

If you have any concerns about gum disease or it is time for your regular dental check, we would love to see you to advise you about the best procedure and products to meet your needs.

An interesting article on the recent research into the wider effects of gum disease can be read HERE

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