Twilight Sedation


Sleep Dentistry

If you avoid the dentist because of bad past experiences, or simply because you're afraid; then dental care with “Twilight” may be the answer.

We have performed hundreds of operations with twilight and here is what our clients have to say about it:

Twilight enables you to have a lot of treatment done in fewer sessions. It is excellent for people who haven’t been to see the dentist for many years and know that they need work done but who have been putting it off because of time restrictions and previous bad experiences at the dentist.

Often, people who have had their treatment completed with Twilight need only to come in for routine check ups to maintain their renewed state of dental health and improved cosmetics with great ease.

Hours Feel Like Seconds

Procedures can be done more effectively, with a more efficient use of time, while minimizing impact to you.

Conscious, But You May Sleep

You are conscious but you tend to drift off to sleep – most people say that “It is the best rest they’ve had in a long time”.

You May Forget The Whole Thing!

You tend to forget about the treatment because the Twilight has an amnesic effect.

The Procedure is Very Safe

Administered by a specialist anaesthetist, who is taking care of you the whole time your smile forever® dentist is looking after your teeth.

We have performed hundreds of operations with Twilight and here is what our clients have to say about it


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