NO FEAR Dentistry with EMS Airflow®

One of the important things we focus on at Smile Forever Dental is to keep an eye on technology and innovation that helps improve the comfort of our patients. We have a NO FEAR approach that motivates us to always be embracing ways to reduce pain and discomfort.

Recently we invested in a new innovation – a machine called the EMS Airflow®, an intelligent combination of optimal removal of calculus and painless NO PAIN treatment. It incorporates guided biofilm therapy using a combination of air, warm water and ultrafine powder to help remove plaque, calculus and certain stains from tooth surfaces. We use this advanced technique with all our patients who visit us for a scale and clean. It is made in Switzerland and our patients have dubbed it “the Gerni for teeth.”

It is important to book a scale and clean every six months to remove biofilm, stains, and calculus so that long term build up doesn’t damage your teeth and gums.

We begin cleaning and polishing your teeth and other parts of your mouth using the EMS Airflow® instrument to remove plaque and young calculus. Occasionally we will also need to use traditional instruments to remove mature calculus.

In a few months time Jason Condello, Smile Forever’s Dental Surgeon, will be attending the ADA Congress in Adelaide, which occurs every two years. This helps us keep up to date with the latest technology and scientific advancements in dentistry so we can continue to deliver on our NO FEAR approach.

Watch this space!

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