Sugar-Free Advent Calendar & Dental Tips

If you are doing the traditional lead up to Christmas with an advent calendar there are many alternatives to lollies and chocolates.

Here are a few sugar-free ideas to get you through the holiday break with the perfect smile.

Awesome Advent Calendar Ideas

Replace advent calendar sweet treats with:

  1. Crafts and Small Dollar Shop Toys – Little mini toys and games can be included in the advent calendar, instead of lollies and chocolates. Crayons, craft supplies, mindful colouring books, stickers, bouncy balls, little toy cars and Christmas ornaments are fun ideas to include.
  2. Daily Story Books – Everyone loves a little story, especially children. Come up with a holiday-themed book for every day of the advent countdown. Little people who open a new book each night at bedtime and read it together will love this concept.
  3. Lip Treats –  Advent count downs that are also loved by teens could include small lip glosses in a range of interesting and fun flavours
  4. Postcards – Every day a different postcard is revealed to write a personal message for a family member or friend – and don’t forget to post them.
  5. Jewellery and Fun Tattoos – Fabulous stick-on earrings and tattoos, rings, bangles and necklaces are great ideas to include that avoid sugary treats.
  6. Special vouchers – handmade vouchers that can be redeemed at any time could include a back massage, the reading of a book, a Saturday afternoon movie at the cinema, a coffee date and other simple, but special “times together” or “acts of service.”

Getting Through the Holidays Avoiding Sweet Treats

  1. Focus on meaningful events, not food. We often base our holiday events on food so think of great activities to break up the focus on eating, like board and card games, craft projects, holiday movies, sports days and the beach.
  2. Limit the wine. Remember that wine contains a lot of sugar and red wines do stain your teeth. It is important to brush well if you do indulge and pair your wines with tooth-friendly foods like vegetables and cheese.
  3. Go for fruit desserts. Instead of heading for the sugary desserts or rich side dishes, choose fruit if possible. If you’re providing the meal, try offering one sweet dessert and a big fruit, vegetable, dip and cheese platter as an option for those who are avoiding sugary cakes and tarts.
  4. Choose the salads and veggies. Fill your plate with protein, veggies and salads. If you need a snack try celery, broccoli and carrots as they’re loaded with Vitamin A and act as natural saliva producers and tooth cleaners.
  5. Brush for at least 2 minutes. Tooth brushing should last at least two minutes for optimal effect. One way to pass the time is to hum a few Christmas carols while you brush and make sure to brush your tongue too.
  6. Cut down on the hard (and soft) lollies. Hard lollies often cause a Christmas crisis as they can crack your teeth if you bite down on them in the wrong way. If you do have to eat hard candies it is best to let them dissolve in your mouth. Brush your teeth after eating sugary foods of any kind, and only eat them in moderation, if at all.

Merry Christmas from the Team at Smile Forever Dental

We thank you for a wonderful year and wish you the happiest Christmas and New Year from the Smile Forever Dental team in West Perth.