Pure titanium dental implants at Smile Forever Dental are the best

Why Pure Titanium is Best for Dental Implants Vs. Alternatives

Smile Forever recommends pure titanium dental implants as the best choice and in this blog we explain why.

When considering dental implants, it is ideal to choose the most proven, strongest materials possible. It is also important to consider health impacts, clinical success, manufacturer quality, and other design factors.

Over the years, the trend has been towards cheaper alternatives. When considering the options available, it is important to understand the potential benefits, limitations and risks.

Why Choose Pure Titanium Implants?

Dental implants have been used to replace missing teeth since the 1960s. Titanium implants have been the industry standard, and with decades of clinical success and innovation, pure titanium implants have become one of the most successful medical devices in all of medicine with long-term success rates between 94-97%.

Alloy and Zirconia implants are an alternative to titanium implants. They are often associated with cheaper treatment plans.

At Smile Forever Dental, we recommend pure titanium implants, not only because they have been around longer, with more investigations and clinical studies proving their superior benefits, but with thousands of our own clients’ experience providing feedback identifying pure titanium as the most reliable, successful long-term choice for dental implants. While not the cheapest option, we believe that pure titanium implants are the best.

Dr Jason Condello at Smile Forever says “What lies below is very important” and outlines the benefits of pure titanium implants, compared to titanium alloys and other alternatives, as follows:

Variety of components and designs – Many innovative design improvements made over the long life of pure titanium implant development means that for even the most challenging cases, we can achieve optimal results. This is especially true when replacing several teeth or more.

Long Term Success- The long term performance and success of pure titanium implants has been proven. Pure titanium implants have gone through many years of design innovations, contributing to their long-term success rates between 94-97%.

Strength and Fracture Resistance – Many alternatives, including zirconia implants, are more brittle than pure titanium, with lower fracture strength and flexural strength. Titanium has proven to be the strongest option, even under forces that cause bending or flexing (flexural strength). We have found pur titanium Implants the most practical for. 

Complex oral rehabilitations or implant supported dentures – Titanium implants are ideal when treating patients who are missing all of their teeth or need all of their teeth replaced with implant dentures. This type of treatment requires a great amount of planning as well as a variety of component options. Titanium implant systems have a greater variety of component options varying in angulation, size, purpose, and even solutions for difficult situations. Alternatives have limited options and versatility in comparison.

Dr Jason Condello also highlights the importance of understanding what “lies above” when considering which dental implant provider to choose.

Colour Matching – The ‘artisan processes of dental implants needs to be carefully conducted to ensure that patients are left with a smile that is just as attractive as it is functional. When it comes to teeth placements, the size and design of the tooth with the correct colour matching is essential. Matching the colour of teeth isn’t always a simple process. That’s because human teeth occupy a small portion of the natural colour spectrum. When a dental surgeon evaluates teeth, they undertake an assessment of colour, varying shades, the hue (yellow, red or grey), chroma (intensity) and value (light or dark shade).

Jason draws on his decades of experience with dental implants (and crowns) and utilises a shade guide with imitation porcelain teeth of many shades that are arranged in a particular order. The bright, natural light in the Smile Forever surgery is perfect for colour matching and helped us to achieve excellent results.

smile forever pure titanium implants are best
Colour matching is an important process for successful, aesthetically pleasing results when choosing pure titanium dental implants.

Choice of artisan ceramist – Jason has secured the services of a leading Perth artisan ceramist who beautifully crafts quality replacement teeth for our client’s implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers.  The shade matching and quality control are at their highest. Our crowns are not made overseas so they utilise the best materials possible and there are no delays.

Choice of replacement tooth material:  Our artisan uses the highest quality materials available. A high quality zirconia ceramic cannot be underestimated. Zirconia is even more durable than the conventionally used PFM ceramics and contains more stabilizers. This makes it more durable to withstand forceful chewing and grinding. If properly maintained, zirconia teeth can last a patient’s lifetime.

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