Best Dental Implant Brands Nobel Biocare and Straumann

The Benefits of Nobel Biocare and Straumann Dental Implants

At Smile Forever, we are often asked if a dental implant from any company provides a similar solution and why we have chosen Nobel Biocare and Straumann dental implants for our patients.

For over 50 year’s dental implant procedures have been offered to clients and a range of options have sprung on the market in recent years, however not all brands are the same.

In this article we cover the reasons why we recommend these particular dental implants as the most effective and permanent solution for missing teeth.

Are all dental implant systems similar?

All dental implant brands are not the same, and research has shown that some just don’t deliver the results you’d expect over the long term. Dr Jason Condello has a keen interest in research, development and innovation in dentistry and believes that the internationally recognised brands, Nobel Biocare and Straumann, are superior options for dental implants, for a number of reasons including longevity, quality of materials and scientific research.

A lifetime investment

Nobel Biocare and Straumann dental implants are manufactured in a way that they offer a long-term, permanent solution and have demonstrated that they stand the test of time. The material used in production and the design of the implant is the result of careful planning that meets the quality standards of international recognition.  This means that over a lifetime, these dental implants have proven their capacity to bear the load of biting and chewing without degradation over long period of time.

Quality and Precision

Nobel Biocare and Straumann are known as the pioneers in implant technology due to the time they have been producing dental implants.  They are known for offering superior quality and precision. Careful selection of materials is involved during the manufacturing of these dental implants so there is no compromise in essential properties like biocompatibility, longevity or strength.

Scientifically Proven

Dental implants from Nobel Biocare and Straumann have strong scientific documentation developed over 60 years of extensive research, development and innovation.

When deciding upon these brands, Dr Jason Condello at Smile Forever, reviewed extensive scientific literature that outlined the high success rates these dental implants deliver. He is of the opinion that alternative brands of dental implants (at this stage), simply do not match the scientific backup of these two dental implant options.

Setting Worldwide Standards: Quality v Price

Nobel BioCare and Straumann offer dental implants in different designs to suit individual patient needs. These options are globally accepted and trusted by clinicians around the world as setting the standards of superior dental implants.

One of the common reasons for not selecting these premium implants is because they may initially appear expensive. Dr Jason Condello explains that any client considering dental implants is essentially embarking on an investment not only to replace missing teeth but in achieving better oral health and improved quality of life.

“Dental implants should be regarded as a once-in-a-lifetime procedure. Investing in a dental implant requires careful planning and placement accuracy by an experienced implant surgeon using the best dental implants available. An inferior alternative may not last as long as expected and you may be left with removal and re-insertion of dental implants if possible (or dentures, if not possible). Redoing dental implants is never a great idea as the jawbone may already be compromised. We want you to have the best dental implants available so you enjoy the benefits for your entire life!”

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