Our Approach

We invite you to experience the No Fear approach to dentistry.

Let’s face it – no one loves going to the dentist!

We asked our clients what they fear and what we did or could do to help overcome them.


Our No Fear approach is based around open communication. Your smile forever® dentist will sit down with you to listen to your problems and needs even before getting you in the dental chair.

Your free initial consultation gives you the opportunity to meet us without obligation so you can focus on what we can do to help you. Any costs required to perform future treatment will be given to you up front so you know exactly what to expect. We also aim to provide treatment in as fewer visits as possible so it means less time off work and less time in the chair.

When you walk into our waiting room you can relax with a fresh cappuccino and stay up to date with information on our messagevision flat screen TV. The gentle scent of sandalwood and soothing tunes helps keep those nerves at bay. During any treatment, your smile forever® dentist will give you as much (or as little) information as you need to keep you informed about the procedure and will ask you what DVD you’d be interested in watching to help distract you from the task at hand.

Our No Fear approach offers you Twilight Sedation / Sleep Dentistry. It’s another way to help people who don’t visit the dentist due to bad past experience or simply because they dread having any work done.

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