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In delivering the best possible dental care, we look beyond the teeth to see where we can help you.

Do your teeth support a healthy diet?

Good digestion starts in the mouth. Many foods that are good for us such as raw vegetables and nuts require a lot of chewing. Over time, wear and tear on teeth may create difficulty and pain when chewing firm foods and they sometimes don’t feel as secure as they once were. To ensure you are able to chew well and eat healthy foods book your free initial consultation and see how the smile forever® team can help you.

Is your smile holding you back?

Do you use your lips as curtains to hide your smile when you are posing for the camera? Do you feel that your smile is not a patch on the former glory days of your youth? As time takes its toll on our bodies, one of the simplest ways to get a lift is to undergo cosmetic dental enhancement. See how we have helped many people get their smile and their confidence back

Teeth in the jar!

Do you ever get haunted by the feeling that one day you may have to take your teeth out at night and put them in a jar of water on the bedside table just like your parents or grandparents? Or has this time reluctantly arrived? Modern technology gives us the opportunity for a third set of teeth – if you are missing any teeth or are seeking a permanent long term solution to replace a poor tooth/teeth then ask us how dental implants can help you.

Clean mouth, fresh breath , healthy heart!

Mouths contain bacteria and our daily challenge is to keep the bacteria build up or plaque at low levels. Keeping a clean mouth involves a strict routine of brushing and flossing but if your teeth are rough, your fillings are old and the gaps between your teeth catch food then keeping your mouth clean is a more difficult task. Plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease which early evidence suggests can have an impact on the health of your heart! Your teeth are an important part of your overall health. The smile forever® team provides you with treatment and advice to get and stay healthy.

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